Friday, July 20, 2007

damnit, i've got this crazy plan in my head that won't let up! planting fruit and nut trees on the no-personland above the ghetto, below ritzville, on the wooded hillsides of Cincinnati. i feel like one of the Shao Lin monks who dedicates an hour a day to learning how to move boulders with a bunch, or jump 15 feet straight up in the air. little by little, this scheme is creeping towards manifestation. no need to be puritanical about it, just steady and true.

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Hakim Baker said...

Sounds all right!

We owe all y'all Mountain Gardensers some correspondence!

Getting ready for farmer's market this cool morning. Lows in the 50s! Too cool! Not.

Also I gotta keep in mind Sara's tag for the middle name game. Hakim doesn't have a middle name but the guy sitting here typing does.