Monday, July 30, 2007

worm to Wyrm

my thoughts are all over the map. for a while, i've felt scattered and unfocused but now things are coming clearer. there've been lots of cool new folks over here, including an olde buddy from KY, and all the interaction with positive people and my thoughts racing out my mouth to them has whushed out the cobwebs. so bwaHA! i can write again. this is what i did this morning.
Not acting myself
Or anybody else
I stagger along in the darkness

Trapped in a story
That feels really borey
I squirm like a worm
On a fish hook

Earlier today, this worm realized
That his writhing couldn’t get him
Off the hook
& he refused to believe
that life could not be better
for a trout in the sacred brook
below (he’d read it in a book somehow)
Smashing his forhead
Onto to the wicked barb
Of the instrument of his torture

He shredded the blindfold
From over his third eye
He pulled the pie
Down outta the sky
& as the fisher-Man yelped and ran,
the Wyrm levitated off to adventure.

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Hakim Baker said...

I'd like to write sometime about the snake or serpent, someone said something recently about how it symbolizes nature--constantly shedding its skin, and you try to grab it and it slithers away. I suppose sometimes it falls out of the ceiling onto you, too. Then there's the Kurdish quasi-satan-worship take on it, I'll have to re-read about.