Tuesday, July 17, 2007

zines: Village Magazine is all you want, and more; Just Slingin' it with Modesto Anarcho's new zine

if you're interested in an earth-respectin', ecstasy induced, professionally produced zine about radically healthy independent living in the ghetto, check out the Village Magazine. Hakim can hook you up. i've read #1, workin' on #2 and #3, and they got poetry, rants, herstorical reflections, and even some D.I.Y. it's what a good zine should have in it.

i just sent away from the Modesto Anarcho zines, which i am also very excited about. particularly anticipating #3- check out the description! from http://www.myspace.com/modanarcho

Modesto Anarcho 3
April 2007
Contains articles on surveillance technology, community gardening, "Rogues Against the State" essay, and local news. Also contains a DIY guide to slinging.

holy methane-producing cow crap! they be slingin'!?!


Anonymous said...

Badger, glad you liked the zines. Believe it or not, I am finishing up the next one, and starting another. I can't stop! Maybe I need a ZA group (zinesters anon.), or maybe it's this kick-ass strawberry wine. But professionally produced? I ain't gettin paid!

We'd love to trade zines with anyone. Just write!


Anonymous said...

Sharqi, the zines really are amazing. I've almost read every word of every one so far. Peace on that. I'd love to know if there were any other ones you read &/or recommend.

& PS onthe great blog to you wereB & hakim and friends

Baraka B