Friday, February 02, 2007

ABC, ABCD, me, and Cincinnati

these acronyms give me hope, and represent movements that i feel the need to support.

ABC stands for Anarchist Black Cross. it is an inspiring, longstanding prisoner support movement with history all over the world. some ABCers write letters, and some train with guns. some do both, and some do more. check 'em out at

ABCD stands for Asset Based Community Development. it is a relatively new phrasing of veternate social organizing strategies. emphasis on social. the premise is that the strength of people fighting for change is realized better when they work together, and ABCD has a good framework for doing so which can be found here:

i am organizing an event that thematically brings these two ideas together. here is my open letter detailing the event. any solidarity you can offer is much appreciated. gracias

Dear Friends,

I write you to explore a possible collaboration in a honeysuckle
extermination event. Let me explain.

I'm contacting you, dear associates, because I know you're not wild about
invasive honeysuckles in Cincinnati. These honeysuckles are sometimes
useful; they certainly contribute to holding some of Cincinnati's unstable
hillsides in place. The fact is, though, that their negative impacts on
human (and non-human) quality of life are innumerable. The honeysuckle is
rapaciously well-adapted to Cincinnati life, and its dominance has
simplified many local ecosystems to the point where wildlife habitat has
been impoverished, and wild edible and medicinal plants have been crowded
out. I'm sure you have also noticed that the viewscape honeysuckle
provides can be monotonous and unsatisfying.

Which brings me to my point: I'm trying to kill two cowbirds with one
stone. I am organizing a fund raiser for a local prisoner support
program (, designed to combat the
rampant honeysuckle as well as assist in the postage costs of the
volunteer-run Books 4 Prisoners Crew. It will entail volunteers converging
on on February 24th or 25th, at a location where we have gotten the
caretaker's blessings to remove honeysuckle. We'll remove as much
honeysuckle as possible. Before the workday, participants will solicit
their friends and associates for a monetary pledge (to be collected by me
on the workday) for each honeysuckle that they plan to destroy. Example: I
will ask my neighbor for $10 for the 20 honeysuckles I plan to remove, at
a rate $0.50/honesuckle. I will collect on the spot, to simplify the
process. And I will invite them to the workday and to solicit their
friends and associates.

I am happy to discuss Books 4 Prisoners' praiseworthy efforts, which
consist of making books on a multitude of subjects available to Ohio,
Indiana and Texas prison inmates for the cost of a stamp, and I await your
questions concerning them.

I'm asking you an initial favor, along with a few questions.

First: please spread the word. That's the stage this gig is in. I'm
contacting a lot of people and organizations, and the more the merrier.
Everyone who agrees with the event can show solidarity somehow- by
working, pledging, spreading the word, providing tools, etc.

Questions: the location of the honeysuckle removal is as-yet undetermined.
Any ideas on that front? How would you feel about pledging some money,
and/or some time and tools on the work day?

Please get back to me. I appreciate all feedback.

Power to the people,

Badger Johnson

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