Monday, February 12, 2007

RNC 2008: Call to Action

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Every four years, in two very lucky cities, big money gets thrown around
while look-alikes from opposite ends of a closed circle step up to their
podiums and spout nonsense. RNC. DNC. Whatever. The point is that
once the conventions are over, once November is come and gone, once the
inauguration is only an unpleasant memory, people across this stolen
land find themselves in pretty much the same place as before: a bad one.

And we’d like to offer up a movement- some real, tangible change.
Unfortunately, the reality is that we’re rundown at best, hopeless at
worst, and though we see liberation shining off in the distance, we
don’t know how to get there.

But we want justice, and we want freedom, for life everywhere. And
we’re tired of spinning our wheels in this rut.

From September 1st through 4th, 2008, the Republican National
Convention will be held in St. Paul, MN. You can expect the usual:
sign-holding, protest marches, rhythm-less chants, false raid scares at
the convergence space.

But damned if the resistance stops there.

As residents of the Twin Cities, as anti-authoritarians and anarchists,
we, the RNC Welcoming Committee invite folks from all over the country
to show up and make something happen. Pull this movement out of its
rut, or start something new. Let the up-tops know that we could give a
shit about their suits, their speeches, their money. Bring your
(A)-game, cause 2008 is ours.

We’re calling for:

1. Whatever skills you’ve got: medical, food-prep, legal, soapboxing,
circus tricks. You name it, we wanna see it.
2. Intelligence gathering. Seriously.
3. Big numbers: your presence makes a difference, even if you aren’t
doing anything but sending good vibes our way and bad vibes to the RNC.
4. Decentralized actions: both coordinated and independent; these cities
are a playground, and you wouldn’t want to miss all the fun.
5. Surprises: Republicans, cops, starry-eyed youth- everyone likes a

These are the rules:

1. Know the area. Come early, come often. Or if you can’t do that,
study up from home (Al Gore invented the Internet for a reason).
2. Respect local communities, develop your knowledge of local
background, and remember that, good or bad, the effects of your actions
endure long after you’ve left town.
3. Strategize: Be smart. Be creative. Get a sense of what other
organizing is going on.
4. Take initiative.
5. Keep your privilege in check. Recognize socialized systems of
domination, and work to undermine them.
6. Respect. Respect. Respect. Where it’s due. But no capitulation, and
do what you have to do.
7. Keep the bullshit to a minimum. Elitism is not security culture. No
vanguardism, no unnecessary infighting, no loose lips.

Questions? Want to participate? Want to sign on to this call? Contact
the RNC Welcoming Committee: rnc08 (a)

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