Monday, February 19, 2007

Beast Skills

The foot recovered, I'm supposed to be getting back into shape. An acrobatic aspirant pal of mine suggested this site, which gives good training instructions for body weight exercises and tricks. difficulty is up there, ranging from hand stands to handstand clapping pushups. my word, that's intimidating.

I've not been very serious about this, but the tutorials make learning this amazing material and getting fit in the process seem so simple, I reckon that I gotta dedicate some serious time to it. wish me luck and i'll wish it right back

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Anonymous said...

Hey, man--

I was looking for links to add into a post on my site this afternoon and came across Chapter 11 of Your Against His-Story! Against Leviathan, which mentioned the Montanists (CarpoPhrygians), which felt really synchronistic to me because I did a preliminary post mentioning them on my site on the 17th. I've liked what I've read over the course of the afternoon here, and am going to continue to check you out.

And I'd totally appreciate your thoughts and comments on what I'm doing, too.



P.S. Apologies for sticking this post in an improper spot!