Sunday, February 11, 2007

update on el Tejon

what's up guys? it feels like it's been awhile.

i had a damn good time at Macalester. the heightened levels of socializing with people i wanted to relate to was irresistable. debauchery and high adventure of various sorts were almost constant. of particular glee to me was i got into some trouble, and had to sell t-shirts to get out of it. also, spelunking, drinking with the rugby team (which can be as grueling as rugby practice), eating chocolate and staring into other people's eyes, and people going out of their way to encourage me are memories that are pretty enough to be framed. intimate ecounters, group hugs and cuddling in general were in high abundance. i got to shoot the shit with people i adore, and it near brings a tear to my eye that i might not see 'em again, least not for awhile.

the Books 4 Prisoners fundraiser that i discussed before is coming along nicely. this is real community organizing, and it feels good to be doin' it. if you wanna get a head start in helping, here's the general conversation i'm gonna ask you to have with your associates:

You: Hello Cat Lady.
CL: Good day.
You: Yes. Fine weather we're having. (Make a joke about global warming, laugh nervously
about the future of our planet.) I hate to intrude, but I'm participating in a fundraiser for a
local program that sends books to prisoners.

CL: O yeah? I always knew you'd do something with your life. Before I even think of
opening up my enormous cat-shaped purse, though, why don't you tell me a little bit about
this group you're fundraising for.

You: Yes, quite right. The Books 4 Prisoners Crew has been going for 6 years now, and
has sent out probably tens of thousands of books. These books have allowed prisoners
to escape the ugly situation they're in, and develop their vocabularies and ideas on how
the world could better work.

CL: My, that sounds lovely. So you're just going door to door, asking for money?
You: Actually, I'm going around to people I know and promising them that if they donate
money the B4P (which I'm collecting now), than I will remove superweeds from two local
nature preserves along with the rest of the volunteers. Besides asking you for money, I'd
also like to invite you to come work and ferret out some sponsors yourself. There'll be free

CL: I have plenty of soup here, and I can't leave the kittens alone. I can give you $200,
though, because I support both the eradication of superweeds, and getting books to

You: That's wondeful! WOW! You can make your check out to “Books For Prisoners”,
and write your contact info on this form.

i'm also excited about the Anarchist Celts listserv that just went up on riseup. you bet your overalls. man, that's gonna rock.

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