Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ethanol as a power source. Synthesized from a prarie of native grasses, with American Buffalo grazing and giant windmills spinning overhead. Could be cool, right? My friend Timothy DenHerder-Thomas has some interesting power points on such a scenario (focusing on the prairie part) which you can find here:

And Will, the author of Human Iterations, was telling me about bittorrent. Which I sort of knew about, but am now pumped on.

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Hakim Baker said...

I've heard that the energy return on investment of ethanol is less than desirable. Also it takes absurd amounts of water to produce. At least, the way the powers that be say they want to produce it around here (Cornistan), which factors into the debates about creating a second manmade lake and so on ...

Oh why does it all have to be so complicated !!!

LOL Hakim

werebrock said...

damn. the way Timothy talks about it doesn't make it sound so hard.