Wednesday, February 28, 2007

and now for something completely different...

there's a lot of writing on this site, lately. so here are some videos to make you laugh and cheer.

#1 is The Great American Snort Off 1, which is so hilarious that, using my paltry creative juices at this hour of the the morning would be injust. I'm proud to say that contestant #2, Nature Boy, is one of the people I'm living with right now.

#2 is a trailer for the movie 300. Fredy Perlman would bitch slap me if he saw me post this up next to his shit, but come on. Historical revisionism to make our evil progenitors look like newly anti-authoritarian badasses, killing imperial hordes of masked rhinocerous riders? If you can't dig it you need to get a shovel.

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Hakim Baker said...

#1 Yes, hilarious. I didn't even know what the snort-off was about until after I watched the video and clicked around a little. But the video is great. I hate saying "is great" it sounds so meaningless to me.

#2 Fredy would appreciate the irony in your posting that next to his stuff, and would probably roll his eyes or maybe start lecturing enthusiastically (how the hell would I know) upon seeing that trailer. That trailer: WHEW! I could barely sit through it all. As slick as the movie looks I don't know if I could sit through it all!

Thunder approaches, maybe I should unplug this mediation machine before the Almighty fries it.