Saturday, April 07, 2007

ACRe Community

there are a few folks visiting today that hail from Raleigh, NC. they're involved with the ACRe Community (Action for Community in Raleigh). their blurb is

a local non-profit which provides a center for the activist community; including meeting spaces, cooperative housing, skill-sharing, a bike project, a community kitchen, urban gardening, and more.

i feel like a lot of places would do well to have such a tie in. other side of the coin is that sometimes if there's a really fractionalized/factionalized scene, lots of people wouldn't actually use the resource and it would be a waste of time. i'm partial to a really happy, synergized community myself, but the world don't always spin like that.

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Candy Minx said...

Hi ! Thanks for stopping by y blog. Good to "meet" you!

Have you read Collapse by Jared Diamond?

He suggests several ways to encourage change. One of his ideas is not only to avoid products that overpackage...but to go to the managers of huge chains like grocery stores and Home Depot and tell them you won't buy their products if they are overpackaged. Diamond says...that it's very effective when the person who supplies a major store with products appraoches the manufacter...that way you are delegating the awareness too.

Money talks and all that.