Thursday, April 19, 2007

the Moonies are for real. dystopia is here, right alongside our utopia

i'll be looking into this more in-depth later, but have you heard of Reverend Moon and his craziness? well, here's for starters: 81 USA congress-people, along with big shots from all the major imperialist religions, crowned him (and his wife) King of the universe in the fucking Senate office building 3 years ago! what the bloody hell does this mean?! i dunno.

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cadeveo said...

One thing it means is that Rev. Moon is incredibly, incredibly connected. First, he owns one of the largest Aquifers on the planet in South America, he owns the Washington Times in D.C.; he has funded more christian right fundamentalist figureheads than you can shake a crucifix at (Tim LaHaye, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson on down the line); he's had George H.W. Bush shill for him across the globe calling him "the man with the vision." And he also thinks of himself as the Messiah, with him and his wife being the "True Parents" of all humanity. That, and he heavily funded Nixon, is a long-time asset/agent of South Korea's version of the CIA and...on and on and on. My "theory" is that we're being set up for a global "book of revelations" scripted apocolypse with Rev. Moon waiting in the wings as one of several possible people to play the role of the "Jesus' Second Coming", inaugurating a fascist "thousand-year" reich technocracy, cleverly disguised as the thousand years of peace prophecied at the end of the bible. (peace being maintained by having a heavily drugged/prescribed global populace, entrained to certain electrical frequencies via those snazzy microchip implants the most paranoid fundies have warned us about for the past twenty odd years.)
I don't know if that's exactly what's going on, but it's a pretty dark poem pointing to what's happening.
Time to get outside...