Thursday, April 05, 2007

tomatoes in newspaper?; ways of approaching the drug choices

in Tom Robbins' "Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas", it says you can grow tomatoes in shredded wet newspaper. i found something about this on the internet, too. I'm going to try it.

"Soil, sun and water requirements
Tomatoes require plenty of sun. As for soil, they will grow in just about anything you throw at them. An old survivalist manual says you can grow them in newspaper if you add the right fertilizers and I don't think that's far from the mark (although I haven't been brave enough to try). That isn't to say that soil amendment is a bad idea."
since this summer, when i suspected Carrot Man of stealing my scrumptious 6 point something megapixel camera so he could get his fix, people abusing their bodies with mind-altering substances has bothered me more and more.

in regards to such abuse or even respectful use, my friend Jeronimo likes to quote Allen Ginsberg (I believe). Ginsberg was hanging out at Burroughs place (author of Naked Lunch), and when Burroughs offered Ginsberg some herb, (it my have been opium or shrooms, i don't remember) this is what he said:

"No thanks, man. Walking on water wasn't invented in a day."

J Man takes that to mean that Ginsberg was trying to get to a higher spiritual level without any help from entheogens.

before we analyze that, to the small degree that i'm going to try, here's two more quotes to throw into the mix. this one's from Tom Robbins' "Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas":

"Yamaguchi: First, there any questions?

Reporter: Yes. Doctor. Do you have an alcohol problem?

Yamaguchi: Of course. Every person who drink alcohol have problem. That why alcohol so popular. Make new problem for our entertainment."

Yamaguchi was a popular public figure in the story, and in the incident which led to this reporter's question, he had called the police because he couldn't find his miraculous cancer-curing enema, which it turned out he had dropped and rolled under the bed on accident while drunk.

the third's a paraphrase, and i don't even remember who it's by. some famous author who has studied and published high quality literature on entheogens and their hypothesized pivotal role in human history. asked whether he still did entheogens, this is basically how he replied.

"After you've gotten god (the god within) on the phone (and had the conversation), it's time to put down the reciever."

with Carrot Man's life, he felt that pot/heroin/etc. were his vital essence, and so naturally he needed them to feel alive and enjoy playing with the universe.

with Jeronimo's quote and policy, you chase the divinity in life without the aid because, if you trip, you'll be missing out on some of the enriching experiences in getting there with hard work. getting drunk without booze, so to speak.

with Yamaguchi, you get the sense that he's zenned with or without any specifically mind-altering substances, and for variety he sometimes chooses to go with them.

with that last man's quote, he chased the divinity in life as far and hard as he realized he wanted to using a variety of entheogens, and then he quite, because he came to that glorious end.

i'll leave you with those choices to think about.

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