Sunday, April 22, 2007

Banjos, Strings McPickens, and the CrimethInc. convergence touches down in the Buckeye State

A banjo is being played frequently by my globe-trotting comrade in gardening, Aaron. So here's something you probably did not know about it: it was brought to this continent by West Senegalese slaves, who, being forbidden to build drums, made a simple version of their native Xalam out of a halved gourd and twine (or cat intestines). Gleaned from Hillbilly Savants. I am also reading about the infamous Strings McPickens, a Southern folk hero and vigilante.

and for those in the IN-KY-OH tristate area, here's a reprint of email to my email peeps:

Hey Pals,

CrimethInc., everyone's favorite Ex-Workers' Collective, is going to be
having a big shindig in Athens! For those of you less familiar with
CrimethInc., it's an association of adventurerers that believes the world
is a ripe apple that you should pick afresh, every day, and that anything
that stands in everybody's way of doing so is simply another hurdle to
merrily leap over. My other comrades in CWC have been a great inspiration
over the years, and if I could go be with them I would. To learn more,

for love and freedom,


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Hakim Baker said...

Have I mentioned Muslim Roots, US Blues before? I'm also mentioning this on my reader blog over there.