Thursday, April 19, 2007

what did the lone hobbit say to his predominantly dwarven dragon-hunting collective?

i feel tolkeinized.

i'm two days from finishing The Warrior's Workout, and after a month of buddhist quips and painfully high kicks i do feel rather more enlightened. if anybody wants the book after i'm done with it, just holla. testimonial: there's a slack line set up behind the library, and with this kung fu under my belt i am not so prone to face plant off of it.

in other news, "being in the now" proves to be as rewarding and difficult as it's been since i can remember. the Sifu says that anything we do can be "action meditation", that you can lose your ego in the tumble of any activity if you focus enough attention on it, really get into it. in fact, he likes to point out the limited usefullness of sitting in lotus position for hours on end.

i'm thinking about starting a series of Organic Gardening 101 modules, to fit with my dad's needs to transform his property.

i continue to add to the blogroll. here's a new one: Pirate Papa: A Journal of Anarcho-Green D(o).I(t).Y(ourself). Parenting


db said...

Hey baby. How's it been?

Thought this school thing is hot shit. Any interest in coming to the Cities and doing such a thang?!

Not that I have the connections to be like here, meet Badger folks, but you know, maybe some day.

Hope it is beautiful there...


david boehnke

werebrock said...

o, David. i'm sure i'll get back to the Cities. how could i resist? but there's more learning to do, plus a hankering to do Third World solidarity and interspecies solidarity before i focus on MY people. good to hear from you. you've given them Macalester folks hell. mega props, bro.