Tuesday, April 10, 2007

(green) anarchist yellow pages

hmf. have you been to the Anarchist Yellow Pages lately? it is sadly out of date. i've used it to good effect before, but alas, when i first got to Ashville, looking for comrades, i hung out with squatters because the infoshop AYP promised had been closed for more than a year.

besides being outdated, look at the categories you must choose from when SUBMITTING a proposal to put your project on the AYP:

Alternative Media (Print / Internet)
Alternative Media (Radio / TV / Video)
Anarcha-Feminist / Anti-Sexist
Anarchist Black Cross
Anarchist Group
Anti-Capitalist / Global Action
Anti-Fascist Group
Archive / Library
Community Space / Social Center
Food Not Bombs
Industrial Workers of the World
Infoshop / Bookstore
International of Anarchist Federations
International Workers Association
Libertarian Marxist / Ultra Left
Libertarian Publication
Libertarian Web Site Project
Publisher / Distributor / Mail Order
Social Ecologists
Syndicalist Union / Group

conspicuously absent is any mention of anarchist people of color, rewilders, Earth First!, autonomous technology developers. what about what about what about?! you can be a social ecologist, but not a deep ecologist.

how can we improve this noble effort at spreading the good word? your thoughts, please.

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Ragnar said...

Its the nature of such a splintered collective is it not? Hell, using the word collective is enough of a stretch as very few of us can agree on organization after anti-civ.