Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dirty Sombreros

While peering out from under dirty sombreros, Sonnets blasting thru sounds everlasting too! Screams are demanding to see the light!

Never cease flight

It is a sure shot, So DON’T STOP! Fight it and co-exist to better thru upheavals of morals Mal consume newfangled nomenclature intercepting the furiously writhing.

Flustered desires are subdued with melodramatic inquiries, such as arrogant manipulative rogues fastened upon intermittent satisfactory.

I see you drowning climb aboard! Soldiers are needed to do the same help inform!

In tuned and expanded pulsating rhythms of sacred intramurals.
Neither aspect of diluted or transferred calamities

Septer Fine Los Tienjo Nattae Isse Do!

Hast not pondered upon arrival clashing out against survivalists of the fit masked out in animosities

Do not seek out useless knowledge to fill creeds with desire while packing them onto vessels. Seek out not for the youth and the brave, but brazen embers of hope laying and lingering, balancing on tightropes inter the spectral planes

Seek out charitable vast antiquities of bliss, Mastermind diverse counter projects.

Bashing, Lashing, Falsely crying out. Praise that which you seek unto levels of glorious virtues

Hedon assumed. Shingles of restlessness have fallen dormant upon apocalyptic times. Brazen Conspiring of loathing wenches. Asphalt jungles are filled with lions and cheetahs.

Well Adios mi amigos we shall all drown in this fire shall we not raise up our fists and punch out the glass everywhere containing us, enslaving us in these systems only shunt remains.

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