Sunday, July 02, 2006

let's get to the bottom of this honey pot...

but like dean mortiary says, there's no time now... i'm reading jack kerouac's on the road, that's the one reference.

what i wanted to know was, what the hell IS rapadura sugar? well, it's a trademarked though commonplace form of minimally processed sugar cane. a really common (as I believe I said before) foodstuff in Brazil, which pisses mad people off. It would be like patenting honey and sueing people for calling what their bees make "honey". still, all in all, it's high in dietary iron, important for all you vegans out there. also, when you eat molasses, white sugar is a necessarily evil coproduct, so stick with rapadura, trademarked or no, if you want processed sugar cane product.

what a wonderful post? hahaha. check out wikipedia!

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