Friday, July 28, 2006

the usual poperie of cool, misspelled schlock

currently reading: a scanner darkly by philip k. dick, the oganization man by william whyte, the tao of pooh by benjamin hoff. i just finished two graphic novels starring mike mignola's hellboy (my first ever! pretty cool), and am watching rebel without a cause starring james dean. also starting a zine called the chinese anarchist movement by r. scalapino and g.t. yu

damn, there are a lot of nuclear weapons. that is some crazy shizzat. look at this from the ben and jerry's fella, you'll see what i mean. note: i don't endorse the political process.

ummm, k. i want to draw your attention to three other blogs. very noteworthy. one is keeping track of the violence in the israel/lebanon violence. dude's a lebanese grad student, an anarchist. he also digs phillip k. dick. the other is by the singlethorn writers' collective out of new brunswick, NJ USA. good stuff! finally, there's a limey with a blog called taognostic. good for green anarchy, spirituality and reams of nice writing. specially, considering he's my age.

call for submissions: come let la paz be your muse. let's make some art, ant farm or andy goldsworthy style, or whatever! and who wants to reintroduce lizards to northern kentucky?

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Tao of Pooh ed Muy Bien