Sunday, July 23, 2006

"quantification of the obvious"...

i don't recall what that means, exactly, but it is one my tutor's favorite sayings. today we talked for 4 hours.

the conversation ranged over such diverse topics as Catholic iconography, architecture, Cincinnati history, chauvanism in 60's hippydom, Taoism, the transition of the rugged individualist image into the nameless cubicle of corporate paper pushers, and the origins of the swastika. (wow, you might not believe it but check out the wikipedia page: and of course, no discussion with this guy would be complete without learning how much US culture in the 50's sucked. read a recent article of his at

i met a numerologist. i'd like to write a short story bout the encounter, but now i don't have the time to spare.

lots of other nice stuff... now, on another fascinating topic, i will reprint my cry for help from the Books 4 Prisoners Yahoo! Groups message board:

Howdy Y'all,

1.) Uh, did you read about last week's anti-logging blockades in Indiana?
The folks who were doing that are holding a training
camp of some sort this coming weekend around Bloomington, IN and I'd like to go. I don't have
a car. If someone wants to hitch or carpool (I'll throw you gas money) than that would be
all kinds of dandy.

2.) The Great Lakes Anarchist Gathering sounds like a smash. LET"S GO, PLEASE
EMAIL ME ABOUT GETTING UP THERE. It twill be in Bowling Green OH August 19th and 20th, at
the UCF community center at 313 Thurstin.

It "begins each day at 11am, with programs and workshops running until 6pm and concerts and special events going all through the night. The goal is to improve our ability
to interact, coordinate, and network with other anarchists in the region, so
that we may all operate more safely and effectively. Workshops on deschooling, collective
houses, and zines & self-publishing have been added to the lineup which already includes
workshops on direct action, insurrectionary anarchism, hand-to-hand combat,
communications/ networking, and a regional ARA caucus.

Local groups involved include BG Anti-Racist Action,the type A collective, MDC, and the October 15th Anarchist Collective

Sleeping spaces and some food will be provided. There is no cost to attend

Most of the workshop slots are full, but we are still trying to fit a couple more in. Those
interested should contact the type A collective at

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