Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Sacrifice that which you hold sacred to be a better henchman. Why would you take off your financial and psychiatric blinders? It would only open your eyes to class separation and the non existent sanity.

Big money, Big money, Big money spin that wheel! Bow down to the fat cats and work under a whip like their mule. Do not unite the people, it may cause a revolt, and surely that would bring no good. Fight with your peers. Do not bite that hand that holds you down while feeding you material status and greed.

Do not pay attention to art and music. It does not hold messages of a higher learning institution. Babylon is not falling. NO truth lies dormant inside you. If you do not choose to see something, turn your head. Do not pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

Give into the GAP and ABERCROMBIE & FITCH. Conformity does create the illusion of happiness. Visual Propaganda is not seeping into the minds of the meek. Allow brainwashing tactics to stimulate your mind. Eat this and drink that and prove your worth by dressing in this manner.

Depression! Why be depressed? Everything is hunky dory! A OK! I tell you A OK!
Run to your doctor and ask for these prescriptions. Eat these pills for numbing your subconscious is a good thing.

Buy this gas guzzling monster to trek thru rugged terrain in which you travel in so often. It is ever so vital to your survival. Build! Build! Build! More concrete, more blacktop, more pavement. What good is this fertile land in which we live upon? It is much better to mass produce food in a more factory like atmosphere. Break free from farming roots. Preservatives + pesticide makes for nutrient enriched vitals.

Why Respect your fellow man. Heaven is after all only a fable. A mere story tale told to frighten little children into behaving. God, what is god? Surely not the energy manifested in each and everything, animate or not.

Apparitions of a better life should not flood your imagination. Inferiority, regression, malnutrition, subdivision, erosion of morals, this is our freedom.

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