Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mokele Mbembe

aight y'all, pay close attention. for years, Christians such as my aunt have supported expeditions to the Congo to look for dinosaurs. when they find them, they hope this will certainly further their cause by disproving the government and university backed chronology of Mother Earth. after all, the bible says we coexisted with dinosaurs, so we fucking coexisted with dinosaurs.

i encourage all my Theologically inclined comrades (with lots of money), to hold off on converting the animists for a minute and go find the dinosaur.

here's a good link on these intrepid conquistadores


Ian said...

That is amazing. If only all missionaries were off hunting dinosaurs instead of trying to make the world a less interesting place religionwise.


P.S. Though a lot of ppl think I look the part, and though I've dabbled in fake Jewry, I'm not a bona fide Jew.

Anonymous said...

The website is now;