Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lloyd Library; intristing topiks from un intristed frens

i spent a few hours researching at the Lloyd Library. incredible place. they're a closed stacks outfit, incredibly well endowed, and a reference librarian is always ready to go into da stacks and pull out a stack or sheaf of rare material on whatever plant or medicine related subject you're into. here's a nice page from my notes there

i have a couple of friends that i'd love to write for this blog. they aren't so enthused about the idea though, so i'll just share with you some stuff they're laying on me.

one dude, I don't remember what I called him on here before. I'll just say he's a good hearted, bisexual christian who hates mysogeny, loves music and doesn't care if you call him a fag. he told me about a crew called the Psalters. i'm digging. they're a christian anarchist tribe of traveling musicians, their site is here http://www.psalters.com/ and their flag is here

i got a new friend, into gypsy punk, zapatisma, etc., who shared with me this story. it's by the Sup, or maybe Don Durrito, Subcommandante Marcos's small Scarabaeidaen friend, pictured here. the story's available at http://www.ezln.org/documentos/1996/19960930.en.htm, or in the Sup's book "Our Word is Our Weapon".

(Neoliberalism, bunny libidos, and the children)
(Dedicated by Durito to the westerns, (remember?) that one about "The good, the bad, and the ugly..."?)

There were once three children, one was good, one was bad, and the other was the Sup. Arriving from different directions they came to a house and went in. Inside the house there was only a table. On that table was a plastic jar, one of those they use for ice cream or snow cones. Inside each white plastic jar (note: no trademark or logo) there were two chocolate bunnies and a piece of paper. The paper said:
"Instruction for the use of the two chocolate bunnies"

"After 24 hours, this pair of chocolate bunnies will reproduce themselves and will have a new pair of bunnies. Every 24 hours, the pairs of chocolate bunnies inside this white plastic jar will multiply into another pair. That way the owner will always have in this magic plastic jar (Those used for ice cream or snow cones) chocolate bunnies to eat. The only condition is that at all times there must be a pair of chocolate bunnies inside this plastic jar, the same one used for ice cream or snow cones."

Each child took his white plastic jar , those used for ice cream or snow cones.

The bad child could not wait for 24 hours and ate his two chocolate bunnies. He enjoyed the moment, but he had no more chocolate bunnies. Now he has nothing to eat, but the memory and nostalgia for the chocolate bunnies remain.

The good child waited for 24 hours and was rewarded with 4 chocolate bunnies. After another 24 hours he had 8 chocolate bunnies. As the months passed, the good child opened a chain of stores of chocolate bunnies. After a year he had branches in all the country, he associated with foreign capital and began to export. He was eventually named "The Man of the Year" and became immensely rich and powerful. He sold the chocolate bunny industry to foreign investors, and became an executive of the company. He never tasted the chocolate bunnies, in order not to diminish his profits. He no longer owns the magic white plastic jar. He doesn't know the taste of chocolate bunnies.

The Sup child, instead of chocolate bunnies, placed ice cream with nuts in the white plastic jar, like those used to hold ice cream or snow cones. He changed the whole basis of the story, packed half a liter of nut ice cream between his chest and back, and ruined the moral of the story of the chocolate bunnies, deducing that all final options are a trap.

Neo-moral: The ice cream with nuts has dangerous implications against neoliberalism.

Questions for reading appreciation:

Which of these children will become president of the republic?
Which of these children will belong to an opposition party?
Which of these children should be killed for violating the law for dialogue, reconciliation and a peace with dignity in Chiapas?
If you are a woman, would you like to give birth to one of these children?
Send your answers to "Huapac Leaf #69" with copies to the Interior Ministry and the Cocopa.

Tan-tan and The End.

Good. What do you think? Oh come on now. Don't hold back from saying it is marvelous! I'll wait until you get a good editor, one of those who organize readings with Carlos Monsivais and etceteras. Over and out.
Don Durito of the Lacand├│n.

P.S. Oh! I forgot about the recipe for getting down from the ceiba. It's simple, just follow the Following Instructions for Getting Off the Top of a Ceiba. Are you sure you want to get down? Walk to the edge with your eyes closed. Do not fear (although, yeah, a parachute would be good right now). You will soon arrive at your destination (?).

End of Durito's letter. Nothing to add.

Section "From the ceiba to the ground there is the same distance as that between sorrow and hope". I fell. I don't know why they accuse us of violating the law. It's clear that among others, the law of gravity is rigorously observed by our stubborn flight.

P.S. The one that worries. The little gray man believed that he barked so much with arresting us when we leave that now he has to worry. Look at the postmark on Durito's letter. It comes from Mexico City, together with a postcard from the Templo Mayor. Its postmark is September 16th and it wouldn't surprise me if among so many war tanks, Durito went unnoticed.

P.S. FOR POLITICAL COLUMNS - According to confidential reports, Mister Bernal will soon leave his position with the government delegation in San Andres. Bothered because now it is impossible for him to become a PRI candidate (because the statutes changed) for the governorship of Tamaulipas, Bernal now aspires to replace Chuayffet as head (Bernal is the one who now writes the communiques of the Interior Ministry, thereby explaining their poor quality). To his closest colleagues (Del Valle and Zenteno) Bernal has confessed that if he does not become the Secretary of the Interior Ministry, he will ask to be admitted to the FZLN. What should we do?

P.S. The one that says goodbye - Olivio left saying "Goodbye Compa├▒ero Supcomandante Sup" And then now what? Why does this always happen to me? I who always dreamed a James-Bond-like introduction in his first movie, saying "My name is Marcos, Subcomandante Marcos..."

Vale with nuts. Health and "What is that which shines in the highest halls?"
The Sup hiding under a bed, not because he's afraid of being killed, but because, he says, that bed is much too wide especially when one is alone....

Translated by: Cecilia Rodriguez, National Center for Democracy, Liberty and Justice, USA.

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