Thursday, July 13, 2006

hooray for plant teachers; books

i got some sage and have been drying it for a week or two. today i used to it to sorta clean out my ma's car, lighting it on fire and letting it smolder in a bowl on the floor.

later, on a "whim", i dumped the ashes in a my bath. it felt unusually nice to bathe in. and i rubbed the ashes on my right foot, which has some sort of painful parasite growing on it. it gave relief that i haven't experienced for a good while. now i'll put some tea tree oil on it, see what happens.

right now i'm reading 'journey to the ancestral self', 'giovanni's room', 'Weeds', 'The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism', 'exploring natural mystery: kamana one', 'the book of the damned' and 'gaviotas: a village to reinvent the world'. this is an abridged list, as ya might expect ;)

i hit up a library sale today and got a shit ton more books, or as tamarack song might more rightly call them, "elders". so's u can check some of these out, if ya want, i'll write out what i got. no quotation marks or author

earth prayers from around the world: 365 prayers, poems and invocations for honoring the earth
great american folklore: legends, tales, ballads and superstitions from all across america
black elk speaks
jesus: a revolutionary biography
the lost years of jesus revealed
readers digest north american wildlife
i wish i could tell you what THESE ones are, but i can't
endangered grassland animals
endangered wetland animals
wildflower guide northeastern and midland states
how to draw birds
the abandoned baobab: the autobiography of a senegalese woman
a birder's guide to the cincinnati tristate
cry of the leopard
summer of the red wolf
the wanderer
lights out in the reptile house
hanta yo: an american saga
the bunyip archives
the year of the horsetails: an epic novel of nomads and warfare in a primitive and ruthless time
trevanian: four complete novels: The Eiger Sanction; The Loo Sanction; The Main; Shibumi

well damn, that's a lot of books. i might have picked up 'the story of b' or something by carl hiason if they'd had any. o yeah, and they hooked me up with mad dictionaries to send to prisoners. that was sweet of them

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