Wednesday, November 01, 2006


So I'm fasting. This is my second full day without food, just water and teas. I feel good, though I do occassionally get a near fast breaking urge to go slide a barrage of bolli (plural of bollus, right) down my throat.

The reason behind fasting is this: I want understanding of my mind, digestive system, my emotions, and all the important stuff in the background that that is the first few layers of. I also want a taste of the edge that comes with willful self depravation.

Hopefully I'll get some balance from this, which may yield a healthier dose of self-control over my eating habits than I've manifested in the past. Some personal information to put this in perspective: I was once anorexic and bulemic, weighing 159 lbs (I now weigh somewhere around 215) and I've also been at times really out of touch with what food is best used for. That second part's my way of saying that sometimes I've sat down and eat until my considerable frame was so full of energy-dense food it would well up out of my throat of its own accord.


hmmm... if you think it will help, please keep me your thoughts with a kindness, that i'll sourt my shit out.


Hakim Baker said...

I've heard good things about fasting, but please do it carefully. One friend has read a couple books on it and done it a few times. She works from food down to broth & fresh-juiced stuff (veggies I think?) to nothing but water. Then you slowly work your way back up to solid food. But she's talking about many days of fasting, I don't know what you're planning.

I figure at the very least it doesn't hurt to get reacquainted with hunger (which is different from appetite) and understand when we're eating from emotion or boredom rather than actual physical need for sustenance. I suppose it can help to "clean out" miscellaneous debris in the digestive tract, too, but really I have no idea.

My friend who fasts has become aware of, when she starts eating again, which foods she reacts poorly to that cause bloating, etc., so she knows better what to avoid.

Another friend once read about a guy who fasted, and tested his pee to see what his body was cleaning out. After two or three weeks, they found DDT in his pee. EFFING DDT FOLKS!

I guess if you've been anorexic, you don't need to be told to be careful what you're doing, etc. Sorry if I sound paternalistic or something.

Come to think of it, I wonder if distilled water would be better than tap; I've heard some people leave a container of water out for a few days to let chlorines evaporate? You probably know better than me what I'm talking about though.

I just remembered a conversation with a friend yesterday about caloric restriction. Studies on rats & fish show that reducing caloric intake is the only thing that prolongs life. The fish were actually super-quick after they started getting less calories, too. And after they died the researchers couldn't find anything different inside 'em. It seems it's just the simple matter of eating less. (Ha! simple matter.)

I've eaten so much bland, schlocky halloween chocolate, it's sad. You're not really missing out on anything!

encouragement and other warm fuzzies,


werebrock said...

damn, ddt? that's crazy! i hope it wasn't in this country, as that would say a lot of bad things about its persistence.

i find the bit about leaving water out to be completely true.

for the love of chocolate, werebrock

Anonymous said...

i just read your blog and i wanted to give you my support- i think this is a really good idea. I have suffered with aneorxia for 5 years now and am slowly getting over it. but i participated in the Fast for Darfur and although it was just one day i learned a lot about myself. good luck!