Thursday, November 30, 2006

o no, o no, damn you Stormfront!

i was looking up something about Druidic magical resistance to the spread of Christianity in the British Isles, when I came upon this on a message board about how Celtic Paganism should but doesn't exclude and hate "non white" people:
I Am a proud Asatru Pagan
I disaprove of Christianity and see it as Jewish. What matters to me is my people and my culture.

Only Odin can judge me!

I support Enlightenment, I support the creation of a pro-white media. I support the destruction of the anti-white sentiments made by popular culture.

Join the White Resistance!

o balls.


Hakim Baker said...

I thought you were cursing the Winter Storm that swept thru our neck of the midwest on Thursday-Friday! Tree limbs down on our power line & phone line, dent in the roof, but somehow everything still works and we have heat and power. Our DSL connection got messed up but it's working again now. Woo hoo, speedier techno-alienation.

Don't take those "White Resistance" fartknockers too seriously. There will always be immature people who define themselves by excluding others. All traditions lead to the same light, the light that lies within each of us already.

Druidic resistance to Christianity is interesting & I'd like to learn more. Didn't some monk cut down a sacred tree--and then the druids killed him? The Moorish-American movement has always supported bringing the snakes back to Ireland.

Only Odin can judge me? I'm inclined to believe Odin is another name for Allah!

Certain traits of Odin (e.g. the one eye) indicate a Soma myth ... Soma's also associated with snakes, come to think of it.

Trying to learn more about Santa as Mushroom Shaman, I found out Amanita isn't as poisonous as people think. (Well, according to Wikipedia.) But it can make you realy sick. But it can be used very effectively.

Bright red & white presents under an evergreen. Reindeer eat it and prance around joyfully.

happy holy days!

Tribal said...

There will always be some bad apples in the bunch, do not get discouraged by them nor hesitate somethings because some of it have issues.

werebrock said...

acl, there are some immature people. i can't rail against them for that, though, because i am immature also. so i just take offense at their nastiness. these new age nazis don't scare me, because i know

hakim, the snakes back to ireland is a grand idea. i need to read your blog more.

i too have heard of amanitas being eaten, and am still skeptical. the way eating a death cap amanita kills you is too scary you me to think about ananita's as a food. it perforates your liver, for gad sake.

y'all have some happy days too, and carefull how much mushroom shamaning you do over the internet!