Tuesday, November 14, 2006

adventures of ms burma 3

galway is the portland oregon of ireland. which is
hilarious because it is so small and not city-like.
it is filled with hipsters and good street musicians
and little treats.
i am with olivier and ryan from maitreya ecovillage.
we took a bus from lisdoonvarna after another crazy
night there in the pub, which felt much more like my
birthday than it did the night before which was my
they were playing good irish music and i once again
found myself surrounded by irish people screaming at
me to do a jig for them.
and once again, drunk and feeling obligated to dance
for irish people, i got up and did a jig. and
everyone was drunk and ecstatic and "fancy footwork
madam" blah blah, and a few more people offered their
hands to me.
it was pretty humuliating when people said they would
dance with me and wouldn't, i wound up tearing pints
out of more than one person's hand and pulling them up
onto the floor with me to humuliate them also, but it
was all in good fun in the end.
the most humuliating part was when i peeled off my
sweater because of how hot it was and the entire pub
roared, which i guess i should have been expecting.
but it was good to have olivier and ryan there with me
anyway, and lots of drunk old men telling us how
lovely we were, or, if i wasn't there, how lovely i
was, according to olivier.
we took a bus to galway the next day and made it in
the nick of time, found his friend's house and took
showers, ate good food and drank cider and had good
relaxing. which we have been doing for the past few
it has been a little stressful in some ways, emotional
challenges olivier seems to be having which are also
good for him, and it is strange and interesting to
witness. overall i'm glad to be there with him but it
is also hard sometimes and i get soooo tired trying to
talk in english to five french people, three of which
speak barely any. i'm realising how lucky i am to
have olivier around who know such good english as
opposed to his friends but sometimes i get frustrated
with him too, when he asks me to repeat something i am
too tired to, and i begin talking to everybody, even
english-speaking people, very simply and in a
childlike way. i just talk weird now.
today olivier and his friend went and picked lots of
blackberries while i laid around reading the bridges
of madison county and crying. romance novels usually
make people pine for a lover i think, but afterwards
although touched by the basis of the story i felt very
content and very patient with where i am, not feeling
lonely, not feeling in love, just feeling... patient.
it was a good day.
tonight we are going to the store to get lots of
veggies for a special stirfry i will make, also butter
for the pie i will make with their blackberries.
now i have been wandering talking to people on the
street, a dutchman with a strange variety of bagpipes,
and antoine, a roommate that speaks so little english,
carrying a sign (in galway the signs for stores are
not allowed to touch the ground, it is okay to hold
signs, but not to set them on the ground, an da lot of
people get jobs holding signs.). antoine has
belittled the sign-holders to me, saying "thats not a
real job" but i caught him carrying one for "billy
bob's steakhouse" and i feel pleased about this.

we catch the ferry to france the day after tomorrow.
i don't know if olivier or ryan want to go to
amsterdam with me, if i will go alone or what. i feel
a bit scared.
hope all is well with every one...

and once again if these emails are pissing anyone off
notify me, because i understand how really annoying
group emails are, i just can't afford to write
seperate ones.

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