Wednesday, November 15, 2006

some cold shit

Hugging is illegal, comrades

It's a fact that more than six million people have seen Juan Mann's Sydney-filmed Free Hugs video at YouTube, and huge numbers have seen it at Google Video. And while hugs may be catching on around the world just when you thought it was uncool to be a hippie/hugger, the phenomenon is not welcome in -- you guessed it, Communist China.

"Earlier this month, Chinese police swooped in and detained Shanghai huggers, a fate shared by some Beijing arm-spreaders a few weeks before. Reporting for China Daily, Cao Li writes that these participants were brought into custody for lacking a certificate to organize in a public place. Organizers are pessimistic that the powers that be in China will provide proper documentation for future hugathons. 'Why can't we melt the coldness in people's hearts with our hugs?' asked Shanghai organizer Baigu."


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