Saturday, November 25, 2006

celtic shamanism

i figured, my ancestors are celts and picts; my interests in the spiritual are alternative and empowering- why not go for shamanism? why not CELTIC SHAMANISM? and you know, despite all of the right headed arguments about niche filling being moral nihilism over at Human Iterations, (which I am in agreement with), this is doing it for me. i've been following what the celtic lunar calendar, as alligned with certain types of trees, has to do with human development, and it fits. like a glove. and i'm getting into the practices and it's just great.

my advice: don't take no for an answer from any belief system unless you've felt the conviction to explore it yourself and followed through with it.

do not give up on spirituality!

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Hakim Baker said...

I think you'd like Ploughing the Clouds: The Search for Irish Soma by P. L. Wilson.