Tuesday, November 14, 2006

adventures of ms burma 2

thanks for the emails everybody.
a few new superheroes have arrived, back a week or so
ago... super zaze, grasshopper and hugman. captain
salix left us for his own adventure. and the other
day superzero and free radical (my friend ryan from
maitreya ecovillage) arrived!
i am in an internet cafe now for a short amount of
time, in the town of scariff. i love it here.
and the past few days have been pretty good, my
strength is building up and biking is a bit easier,
and people are sooo nice to us.
the last place we were at, on pat malone's land, where
we ate all that good food, pat never showed up because
his wife had a miscarriage that very night after we
met him. his sister jake came instead. she was
incredible, tall, wearing a sari and an xxxl
sweatshirt, as though she'd just crawled out of bed
(which she admitted she had). she was so calm and so
confident at the same time, humble but not shy, just
she told us stories--- she used to be the hairdresser
for U2 back in the eighties. which i guess means
she's responsible for the really bad hairdos when they
were popular, according to hugman.
she left and returned to join us for dinner, and
brought three HUGE apple tarts with all organic
ingredients and the apples from her friend's yard,
still warm, cream to have it with, ten liters of
spring water so we didn't have to keep filtering and
drinking water from the creepy and romantic but
possibly parasitic well on the property. also beans
and rice and almonds. what a sweetheart!
and everyone has been doing things like this.
i bought a beautiful scarf from a handweaver down the
road yesterday, she gave me a superhero discount, ten
euros instead of twenty for this amazing wool/alpaca
creation from that ancient machine.
we spent a couple of days on the blue moon farm four
miles outside of town helping weed and plant herbs in
their green house, rebuilding their stone wall for the
goats, and repairing the goat shed. we also relaxed
and played with their six children on their trampoline
and by the pond. the parents' names are elmer and
phoenix, they are absolutely amazing. they own a
health foods shop in limerick.
they gave us so much food, produce they were going to
get ride of from the shop. bananas and grapefruit and
things of that nature have become such a luxury to me.

i'm out with believe-o, somebuddy, blazing echidna,
super zaze and rabbi yikes, they're going to see the
thousand year-old brian boiru tree across from the
oldest still in-use church in this part of europe.
this is the only still standing building people
associate with king brian, a legend of kings who lived
to be twice the life expectancy and still fighting in
battles. and the tree by the church, the reason they
call it his tree is simply because it "was an acorn
when he was a lad". i don't resonate with the
association that much but it's still a terribly old
tree and i enjoyed so much nuzzling up in it yesterday
in the afternoon sun.
after they meet me from seeing that, we're going to
the local primary school to hang out with the kids.
one of the kids from blue moon farm will be there, we
declared him a superhero and he christened himself
blue monkey. i'm excited to see him one more time
before leaving.
i'm becoming close with a frenchman named olivieo... i
have no idea how to spell it. but like, o-live-ee-ae.
he is incredibly humble, which is why he calls himself
superzero. he has pretty good english but
occasionally makes funny slip ups and i am enjoying
showing him new words and thinking of ways to explain
them. his cape is long and red with a hood. exactly
like little red riding hood.
somewhere in ireland is where they filmed the "cliffs
of insanity" scene in the princess bride, i would love
to see this but i heard of it from fulcrum, who is one
badass biker and had a big struggle with it.
i have a really weird blood blister on my thumb.
...that's it for now.

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