Wednesday, November 01, 2006

new zine; poll

My zine Show and Tell #3 is in the works. I'm calling for contributions if anyone wants to put something in there. Spirituality, anarchy, adventure, history, DIY, reviews, art, that kind of stuff. Think about it. I'm particularly interested if anyone can tell me more about Halloween and its origins.

the poll: which of these should i paint on me, and where on the body, for an upcoming halloween party? I'm going as a Pictish (pagan residents of Scotland and Britain up till 1000 or so- my kin) thug. Kilt, maybe I'll repierce my ears with the thorns, and green paint. here are the choices:


Hakim Baker said...

For a "thug" it seems something like a bull or eagle or wolf or boar would be appropriate. I like all the ones with z-rods and v-rod. The "flower" is neat. OK, I'm leaning toward the boar (for sheer thuggishness), and I really like the Crescent-V-rod and the serpent-z-rod and the double-disc-z-rod. The notched rectangle with z-rod is neat, but a little too square for a thug.

Did the halloween party happen last night? Did I only just now see this post? Sometimes if I don't refresh my screen the browser doesn't notice there's a new post.

So all this is probably irrelevant.

My honey googled permaculture and anarchy, and found Ran Prieur, whom I discovered some time ago when surfing your links list to the right. I'm thrilled to have rediscovered and perused his site more--it RULZ!

salaams, screenpals!


werebrock said...

thanks for the kind words, buddy. did you see the friendly constructive criticism earlier? i should have thought to limit the number of posts displayed.. dur. party's tommorrow night, as is my date in court. thanks for the suggestions. the fast went well. and i just broke my foot. quite a mixed bag, and of course that's not all.

does the MOC say anything about haloween? keep it real

Hakim Baker said...

LOL, "keep it real" might be the only thing to say about Halloween. A lot of random people around here have been mentioning how it's their FAVORITE holiday. A friend said when he was in Sunday school as a kid they'd tell scary stories about Halloween to discourage kids from celebrating it, but that just gives it more power. "It's the unblasphemable holiday."

Sorry to hear you broke your foot (again)!