Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i'm also gonna try to put up Ward Churchill's seminal essay, "Pacifism as Pathology"

but one thing at a time


Anonymous said...

for crust sake, stop givin all us other more sensible bloggers a bad name!!!!

archive your shit by month for crow sake.

I love Ward C as much as the rest of the best of you but posting gigantic posts makes the problem worse unless you use some 'read the rest' cut off point or something.

The reason for this rant, if you are thick enough not to understand, is that you tie and lock up slower machines clicking a link to this place. Also deters lust to revisit if you know that your 'return' is going to perhaps deliver 0.00000000001 further interest.

ps: P as P is already online; at least it was last 2 times i checked (and those times were far apart) --- piet

werebrock said...

piet, in case you read this again, thank you. i haven't used a slow computer for awhile, and considering noone seems to read this blog, i didn't know it mattered. keep it real, best of luck in your life