Friday, May 26, 2006

boom boom ditly dat dat scum

dud(ettes), checkin in! the hut is coming along, with the uprights and ribs in place. this saturday we shall collect the thatching materials, whatever we decide on. please join in the fun if you wish, cuz i wishit. check out the inspiration for our design here: pictures are forthcoming!

let me add that the hut is in La P.A.Z. territory (Permanent Autonomous Zone), meaning it's filled with good things like tadpoles, beautiful flowers, etc. noticably absent are the vicious domesticated pigs that i encountered last week when George Walker Bush Jr. came to speak at a local college. my statist friends were there (protesting?) and, not being really into the sign waving, i walked into the woods to get fiber for cordage. little did i know that there was some imaginary line (a particularly UNGUARDED one) between the woods and i, so when i came out the bobbies were waiting. and strangely enough, the secret service were a lot more chill than the local pigs. badges=sewage. i don't hate sewage, i don't hate people. but you know the best place for sewage? not in these fucking creeks. either a) in a hole or b) in a composting toilet thingie.

urban exploring is duh shit! werebrock went up to the highest point in all of losantaville during a lightning storm the other night, in a wicked decrepit structure. he wishes he could show ya'll pictures. if you know what he's talking about, go for it. the view's incredible. also, anyone who wants to freegan their way into a movie, with a soft drink, there's a limited time opportunity. think like a ninja and you'll figure it out

my buddy Pipigwan is almost back in town. together we'll be unstoppable. this is a season for the adventures of myth, my friends. blessed be our CrimeThinc. co-conspirators and thousands of other (hero)ines for inspiration

few last things: Critical Mass this Friday and every Final Friday in the Twin Cities and the nasty, nasty 'Nati. Twins, meet at Loring Park in Minneapolis at 5 p.m. to ride at about 5:30. 'Natians be at the little bit of Fountain Square that's left (right by Rock Bottom Brewery) around 5:30, we'll head off at 6.

I'll post Seaweed's stuff some other time. and maybe you want to check out Julia while she's in town, a tree sitting friend of mine who knows her told me she rocks. and it'll be where all the cool kids at. peace

> Are Eco-Villages Our Future?
> Julia Butterfly Hill Presentation
> Northern Kentucky University, BEP 200
> Friday, June 9, 2006
> 7:30 pm
> Donations Welcome
> Eco-Village Workshop
> Imago, 700 Enright Ave.
> Saturday, June 10
> 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
> $25 per person
> Julia Butterfly Hill, noted environmental and social activist, will
> speak about the idea of Eco-Villages at Northern Kentucky University on
> Friday, June 9, 2006 at 7:30 pm in BEP 200. This event will be hosted
> by the Social Justice Studies Program and the Literature & Language
> Department of NKU. Donations are welcome.
> As a followup, Imago, located at 700 Enright Avenue, will hold a 10-4
> workshop on Saturday, June 10. This event will feature four local
> Eco-Villages and illustrate how Eco-Villages serve to bring ecological
> interests to our everyday lives. The workshop costs $25, lunch
> included. Please RSVP using the attached form.
> The workshop will include presentations by several Eco-Villages in
> various stages of development. It will be an opportunity for people to
> learn what an Eco-Village is and how they help preserve the planet.
> The workshop will also benefit those interested in joining or beginning
> an Eco-Village or just wanting more information about ways to make life
> more sustainable.
> Co-Sponsors Include:
> Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, Greater Cincinnati Earth Coalition,
> Cincinnati Earth Institute, Sisters of Mercy - Cincinnati Regional
> Community, Green Fire, Enright Ridge Urban Eco-Village, Berea College
> Ecovillage, Heartland Ecovillage
> Julia brought international attention to the plight of the world’s last
> remaining ancient forests when she climbed 180 feet up a 1000 year-old
> Redwood tree and refused to come down. Her historic 738-day protest of
> the environmental destruction caused by clear-cutting ancient redwoods
> culminated with a negotiated agreement that provided permanent
> protection for the tree (“Luna”) and a nearly 3 acre buffer-zone. She
> continues to stand on the front lines of environmental and social
> justice issues worldwide. Her message of hope, empowerment, love and
> respect for all life has inspired millions of people worldwide.
> For more information or to co-sponsor this event, please contact Kate
> Kinney or Jim Schenk at Imago at 921-5124 or by email to
> Eco-Village Workshop Registration
> Workshop registration fee of $25 per person includes:
> Opportunities to communicate with each of the four co-sponsoring
> eco-villages,
> a vegetarian lunch, and free admission to the June 10th performance
> Under A Full Moon: A Summer Concert Series, presented by Imago.
> For more information about the concert, please visit
> Workshop: Saturday, June 10
> 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
> Imago, 700 Enright Ave.
> Concert: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----
> If you would like to RSVP for this event, please print this page.
> Then, fill out and return this portion and your payment to the address
> below. Please make all checks payable to Imago.
> Imago c/o Kate Kinney
> 700 Enright Avenue
> Cincinnati, OH 45205
> Are Eco-Villages Our Future?
> Eco-Village Workshop Registration
> Name:_______________________________________ Phone #:
> ___________________
> Street Address:________________________________Email
> Address:_______________________
> Number of Workshop Attendees:_____________ Will you be attending the
> concert? Yes No
> Total Amount Enclosed: $___________
> Concert tickets may be picked up the day of the event.

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