Saturday, May 27, 2006

queen city bike co-operative

dude handed me this flyer at critical mass yesterday. the url isn't working, so i'll retype it
To the people of Cincinnati: A new Bicycle Co-op is being created.

It is... a not-for-profit cooperative, spreading bicycle advocacy, practicing safe and legal bicycle riding and having fun.

With a purpose
-to provide training for bicycle maintenance
-to encourage a cycling community
-to provide an outlet for inexpensive bikes for all people
-to encourage bicylce safety in city riding
-to encourage the use of bicycles as transportation
-to encourage to all people


We aim to share these benefits and services:

*Bicycle maintenance training
*Use of bicycle tools
*Access to new and used parts
*Acces to library of repair information
*Provide forum for bicycle advocacy

Help keep the momentum going
Meeting every Wednesday 6 p.m.
and Sat. 2 p.m.
416 Livingston St. Cincinnati, OH 45214 (West End)

Make donations online

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