Thursday, May 18, 2006

cordage making, catching up, running around late at night

howdy. lemme lay out a few things:

the season for eating pokeweed has passed. it develops a strong toxin after getting a red/more than 6 inches tall. the plant in the picture is toxicly mature, for reference.

one night there was a treehouse we slept in. early in the moring i thought it was collapsing and relocated to Carrot Man's couch, where i dreamed of flying around the campus of a NYC school, like a puff of cottonwood fluff

werebrock had an adventure. hearthee: after running a few miles to rendezvous with friends, he was faced with the fortress of a rich neighborhood. it lies on a steep mountain, with jungle creeping through the alleyways and behind secret gardens. by stealth he scaled walls and skirted sleeping giants; tip-toed through high-security areas, and smelled a precious spice hidden behind a veil of darkness... no pictures, sorry

i became fascinated with making cordage, and began peeling the park from the omnipresent amur honeysuckle. it renders useful fibers, and after a bleary and party-wearied evening we have what's in the picture!

now, on to a first attempt at primitive cooking vessle making. tan tan

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