Saturday, May 06, 2006

let's hook ourselves up with some Fun-Edge

sup y'all? today agent x and i went spelunking, philosophizing and had a fine time in the sunshine. if you like urban exploring and you're in st. paul, check out this one catacomb we did.

directions: be on the pig's eye side of the mississippi, just a bit bit before the obsolete ford factory. if you get down on the bank, you'll run into this big exposed swath of sandstone.

penetration achieved!

this is looking up into the hole of a giant wet worm, who fortunately or not was not at home at the time of this picture taking.

here's agent x, who like all good zapatistas keeps her face covered at all times

we found an etching in a wall from the '40's, and some strange brown crumbly stuff with outgrowths of unidentified life... "That's the most beautiful shit I've ever seen!"werebrock ... i don't know, i think he roled around in his skivies and hung with geora elm. some chocolate was extralegally extricated and enjoyed somewhere along their way.

that's it y'all, over and out!

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