Saturday, May 13, 2006

some FUCKED UP shit :(

study study study, but I've got time to relay a poignant vignette. read a hard copy in the latest issue of Clamor Magazine's ( Uproar section.

"Half of the forest was gone, the machines sat idle but the grass was awash with snakes. Opportunity was on us but we had no containers. The black pilot snake wrappedand wrapped itself around my wrist. I spied the discarded paint can and thrust it in and pressed the cap down.

A boy ran to me with a garter snake and pushed it into the can. I was in the machine-torn area and the snakes moved over the brown earth looking for what they once knew. Three in the can, four, five now seven.

The men came back to the machines laughing and yelling as the roar of the engines made the dust spray us like rain. The snakes moved over our feet as the dozers razed the ground.

The trees at the edge of the forest came down and the men hollared at us to go. We ran with the paint can of snakes. The field and forest vanished.

A short time later we let the snakes out of the can. They were covered with paint and could not see. Some of them did not move. The others fled blind leaving green lines on the cement."

Marc D Goldfinger
Belmont, MA

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William said...

I apologize for cell phone accusations. The rich-ass complete set of bookshelves that we found potentially going to waste in the Mac dumpster DID have "BJOHNSON" scrawled on them.

But, after much horrified declarations and intention to lecture, we remembered that, as Yoda said, there is another.