Saturday, May 06, 2006

green living expo report and then some

geora elm invited me out of bed, and together we sauntered over to the living green expo. there were lots of recycled wares on display, as well as community supported agriculture groups and big-health food reps offering samples. iz decent. the real highlights were:

the Bioneers. a network of breathlessly idealistic tree-huggers. their tagline is something like "visionary and practical solutions for restoring the earth and people". they seemed pretty cool, and my California permaculture companeros (including Starhawk) vouch for them. a conference of some kind is being cooked up for this fall in Minneapolis, so if your in the TC ya should check 'em out

wicked awsome treehouse kits by "o2 sustainability". basically they are pimped out (and by that i mean made of recycled plastic) geodesic domes that you build and tie up in a tree. the one in the picture is selling for 8 grand. it has a manual elevator-platform built in. and

we saw prof. t wage slaving at a booth, and he was so sketched out by the "green capitalism" around us that i zanzabarred him some oatmilk.

upon arriving home, i napped and listened to a wicked cool pipe concert. there was one song with a cello, two small pipes, three didgeridoos... smokin.

last thing: fuck the hypocrisy of smokers who ideologically bash anti-depressants!


Judy said...

mr. badjer nice blog man, you've inspired me...
wow that tree house is amazing!

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werebrock said...

yo judy, good to hear from you! unfortunately i can't access your flicker page, what gives? it said "private"