Saturday, May 20, 2006

talib kweli, vision quest

last night was a free talib kweli and common show. after indulging in some particularly mind altering substances, i finally came to understand what hip hop is, hooray!

tonight i begin a vision quest. this entails meditating, fasting and quieting for a few days in the wilderness. i hope to come out ready to go forward with my plans. at the same time, i must be open for whatever i may experience, however it will change me. see you later friends, blessed be


Jason T. said...

dude, free talib kweli and common? fucking dope...i deeply love hip-hop, the parts that aren't misogynistic and self-centered, i think it's a powerful form of expression...i hope to spend some more time this summer writing poetry, it is a way to center myself, and i sometimes lose focus during school...i keep dreaming of my possibilities for the fall, after I finish hanging in the cities. it's looking like i wont make it to cincinatti next week, but sometime on our journies...peace bro

Tribal said...

At the same show was i being at. First towards the back i danced in bliss semi near the b-boys. And enjoyed the surrounding company of a young bioy sat atop his fathers shoulder in an over sized ballcap. After 1st section of show, i resituated myself.

Was closing my eyes and dancing in glee, and some little bitch came up to grind behind me! I didnt turn around or even scope him out but when he tried to reach his hands into my pockets it kinda freaked me out, I picked up his hands and threw them back, he receded into the crowd and that was that.
Some fraternity blokes and sorority birds were intoxicated and allured by my moves, ON thrust his pelvis into my ass, i shook my head no and scooted away, again this he tried and i turned and said no. Just then some of them wanted pic with me at the show, because i was spiffy is the reason why i guess. Then that same motherfucker approaches again this time im quite disgusted and uphauled by him. So next to me was a group of 4 really large black mean, so i asked if i could stand in front of them, having explained the situation they allowed me to be, enclosed by the circle behind me. The frat kids had left and i thought i was safe, so i side stepped my way back into my place. the very last song was the most beautifull you see and i raised my arms to the creator and then touched mother earth as a thank you for the experience, and semi-rebirth. But then just as my heart is feeling open and pure, That bastard motherfucker jumps behind me once more!
Well this time is to much so i turned around to yell, Demanding respect of my space and myself. He says in defense that he only wanted to dance, but i told him if that was the case to approach from the front and dance, Thrusting your cock up against my ass is not dancig, its highly offensive and opressing. I got in his face and told him about my steel toes, that im really a punk and if he steps again ill smash his fucking face in.

Yeah i kinda caused a scene. THe show then ended and i was left feelin dirty. My heart was racing with anger and hate my fists were trembling and red was my face.

I then began to search for fred, stopped to pet a pitt bull and walk again. I find my friends and then to my suprise, I get a hug from yasin much to my delight.

Great show despite the perverts.