Thursday, May 11, 2006

i recollect so little

after a long and harrowing trip, i finally have a moment to recollect my wits.

i practiced songlining, which is this navigation tool where you remember landmarks as you pass them and incorporate all of em into a song to find your way back. i hear this is how Australian Aborigines used to navigate across the Outback. "At the pines, pass the stone and come to the Gentlemen's club". it had a great beat

it turns out last semester i was THE grimiest person on campus. (you can't count the few arboreal sasquatch Dave Foreman released on campus as in the same species. they have their own genus.) yesterday when i sat down after a run, there was a dirty stain left on the seat. being so dirty for so long has its stern consequences, i'm afraid, including a visit to the doctors office to get an infected patch of skin operated on. as primitivist as i'd like to be, i've finally come to the conclusion that i should bathe and wash myself on a regular basis...

i got a lot of books at infoshops along the journey. a little Volterine de Clerye, a lil Fredy Perlman, a lil CrimeThinc. this rocks my socks and underwear so hard, i may never feel comfortable wearing them again

here's a really cool skills website

there was a huge bird nesting on a lakeside in Wisconsin. it may have been a female whooping crane.


Anonymous said...

Voltairine de Cleyre. Not "Volterine de Clerye." She's too pretty to suffer your mispellings.

I told Layne and Sara the other day, upon questioning, that you had wandered back from primitivism to simple green anarchy and they literally breathed a quite audible sigh of relief.

werebrock said...

i'm fucking clean now. showering every day, washing my whole body with soap